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Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry

Each piece is stamped by hand, using individual stamping tools and no two pieces will be exactly the same. Each is unique and natural, which means the letters and spacing may not always be perfect. We do try our best. Don't think of them as flaws rather characteristics and adding to the beauty of each piece. Creating you own One-of-a-kind piece.
This Jewelry may not be for everyone  
Due to the increase price in Silver, prices may increase without notice.
Thank-you for your understanding. Stamped items are custom orders please email or call to order.
They could take up to 3 weeks depending on item
If you can think it, We can stamp it.
Call us for your next perfect gift!

  • Teeny Tiny Initial Pendants - starting at $20 
  • Simply Name Necklace - starting at $25
  • More Than Just A Mommy Necklace - starting at $35
  • Layered Family Tree - starting at $35
  • Family Washer Necklaces - starting at $35
  • Hand- Stamped Rectangle Tag Necklaces starting at $30
  • New Baby Gifts - starting at $30
  • I Love you Grandma Necklace  - starting at $35
  • Celebration of Us Wedding Necklace starting at $35
  • Large Family Necklace -  starting from $45
  • Circle of Love -  staring at $35
  • Hand- Stamped Square Pendant -  starting at $30
  • Hand-Stamped Charm Bracelets Suede & Leather Bracelets starting at $30 &
          Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets start at $40
  • Bridal and Bridal Party Necklaces - starting at$30
  • Bridal and Bridal Party Bracelets and Lockets- starting at $40

Here are some samples of items we can do

 Simply Name Necklaces

Teeny Tiny

Something for Mom

Layer Necklaes

Family Washers

Rectangular Style

Baby Gifts

I Love Grandma Gifts

Celebration of Wedding

Large Family

Square Pendant

Circle Of Love

Ladder Look


Wedding ideas

Inspiration Ideas